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Tri-Active Hair Strengthening Serum Spray 100ml

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  • Serum concentrated fortifier.
  • For thinning hair with chronic fall.
  • Hair thicker and stronger.
  • Lotion 100ml

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Klorane Force Tri-Active 100ml is a serum that allows to activate the density of the hair, to stimulate their growth and to give them more resistance to avoid any chronic loss of hair.

This serum contains an active complex based of quinine, caffeine and arginine. These stimulant vegetable actives allow to reactivate the cellular metabolism that gives a faster and vigorous growth.

Arginine acts effectively on the resistance of hair as it gives elasticity and suppleness to the scalp thanks to its antiglycation action. Quinine will allows to stimulate the micro-circulation of scalp in order to maximize the provision of nutrients at the level of the hair bulb.

How To Use

Apply 3 to 4 spraying on clean scalp. Massage then brush. Do not rinse.

2 to 3 applications per week during 3 months.

Indication : Anti-hair loss care.

What’s in the box

1 x  Klorane Tri-Active Hair Strengthening Serum Spray 100ml



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