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Cleansing Gel Clay-In 170ml

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  • Cleansing gel that firmly removes dirt and darkness from deep inside your pores
  • Containing natural clay
  • Derived from Okinawa sea mud
  • Fragrance free

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ttl01-1clay-in Cleansing Gel Clay-In 170ml



feature12-clay-in Cleansing Gel Clay-In 170ml




Containing konnyaku* – firmly adsorb makeup and dirt from pores!*mannan

Natural konnyaku fiber firmly adsorbs makeup and dirt from pores.
Quick cleansing, producing clear and smooth finish.
Containing moisture-retaining factors, adsorbent hyaluronic acid and natural orange oil.
Removes makeup while moisturizing.Captures and removes dirt deep inside pores!

Cleansing gel that firmly removes dirt and darkness*1 from deep inside your pores. Containing natural clay*2
derived from Okinawa sea mud, firmly adsorbing and removing worrying dirt from deep inside your pores.

clay-in Cleansing Gel Clay-In 170ml




*1dirt inside pores *2sea silt

Skin patch tested
*This is not a guarantee against all skin irritation.

How To Use

Follow the instructions on the product.

What’s in the box

1 x Bifesta Cleansing Gel Clay-In 170ml

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