How often do you exfoliate?

Dead skin cells have a horrible tendency to build up, making my face look dull, dull, dull.
A little while ago, I decided that I would mix things up a little with my skincare routine. Now, twice a week, I switch from my usual face-washing routine and use an exfoliating wash instead.

I find that using a scrub twice a week leaves my skin bright and healthy looking. As I was exfoliating last night I started wondering about how often other people exfoliate – every day, once a week, once a month or perhaps never? Am I normal?!

I will recommend using a scrub one to two times a week depending on your skin type. If for example your skin is very dry and/or sensitive you may only need to exfoliate every other week – it’s all about what your skin needs which is an individual matter.

It’s always good to get an insight into the cleansing routines of others – there might just be a few tips that could work well for your skin type! Feel free to leave your comments below and to have a nosey at others’ comments.

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