Cold Weather and Your Skin: Why So Sensitive?

Skin is born to be sensitive, so we understand that lots of different factors can affect how our skin feels. Whether it’s where we live, our lifestyles or the time of year, our skin can bear the brunt of it all and need a little extra TLC to look and feel healthy and happy.

You may find that during colder weather, your skin feels that bit more sensitive and in need of some extra kindness. Let’s take a quick look at why this can happen, plus a few skincare tips which could come in handy as we go further into winter.

We like to think of the top layer of our skin as the Barrier. It’s constantly exposed to our environment, including those harsh, biting breezes and icy conditions winter brings along with it. Just as cold weather can damage the surface of walls, it can also damage our Barrier – this explains why our skin can feel more sensitive in winter! So, what does this
mean when it comes to our skincare?

Here are some top tips!

  • Don’t use too harsh a cleanser, or cleanse too often. This can remove too many of the Barrier’s dead skin cells, causing ‘cracks’ that allows irritants to get through.
  • Be mindful not to over-exfoliate. Being too rigorous with an exfoliator has the same effect as cleansing too much or too often – it’s all about being gentle and giving your skin a helping hand.
  • Make sure your moisturiser is right for you. Don’t be afraid to switch things up depending on the season.
  • Remember that skincare is about more than just the products we use. The food we eat, exercise we do and ways we relax and unwind can all have a big impact on our skin.

How do you find the colder weather affects your skin? Let us know, and be sure to ask if you’d like any extra info!

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